Source code for prov.serializers

from prov import Error

__author__ = "Trung Dong Huynh"
__email__ = ""

__all__ = ["get", "Serializer"]

[docs]class Serializer(object): """Serializer for PROV documents.""" document = None """PROV document to serialise.""" def __init__(self, document=None): """ Constructor. :param document: Document to serialize. """ self.document = document
[docs] def serialize(self, stream, **kwargs): """ Abstract method for serializing. :param stream: Stream object to serialize the document into. """
[docs] def deserialize(self, stream, **kwargs): """ Abstract method for deserializing. :param stream: Stream object to deserialize the document from. """
class DoNotExist(Error): """Exception for the case a serializer is not available.""" pass class Registry: """Registry of serializers.""" serializers = None """Property caching all available serializers in a dict.""" @staticmethod def load_serializers(): """Loads all available serializers into the registry.""" from prov.serializers.provjson import ProvJSONSerializer from prov.serializers.provn import ProvNSerializer from prov.serializers.provxml import ProvXMLSerializer from prov.serializers.provrdf import ProvRDFSerializer Registry.serializers = { "json": ProvJSONSerializer, "rdf": ProvRDFSerializer, "provn": ProvNSerializer, "xml": ProvXMLSerializer, }
[docs]def get(format_name): """ Returns the serializer class for the specified format. Raises a DoNotExist """ # Lazily initialize the list of serializers to avoid cyclic imports if Registry.serializers is None: Registry.load_serializers() try: return Registry.serializers[format_name] except KeyError: raise DoNotExist('No serializer available for the format "%s"' % format_name)