Source code for prov

__author__ = "Trung Dong Huynh"
__email__ = ""
__version__ = "2.0.0"

__all__ = ["Error", "model", "read"]

[docs]class Error(Exception): """Base class for all errors in this package.""" pass
[docs]def read(source, format=None): """ Convenience function returning a ProvDocument instance. It does a lazy format detection by simply using try/except for all known formats. The deserializers should fail fairly early when data of the wrong type is passed to them thus the try/except is likely cheap. One could of course also do some more advanced format auto-detection but I am not sure that is necessary. The downside is that no proper error messages will be produced, use the format parameter to get the actual traceback. """ # Lazy imports to not globber the namespace. from prov.model import ProvDocument from prov.serializers import Registry Registry.load_serializers() serializers = Registry.serializers.keys() if format: return ProvDocument.deserialize(source=source, format=format.lower()) for format in serializers: try: return ProvDocument.deserialize(source=source, format=format) except: pass else: raise TypeError( "Could not read from the source. To get a proper " "error message, specify the format with the 'format' " "parameter." )